Grooming at animal hospital in Houston

Houston Cat Grooming

Healthy cats naturally groom themselves; routine bathing is generally not needed. Regular brushing or combing, however, is a great way to interact with your cat and help keep the coat free from matts and hair clumps. Brushing your cat will also enable you to detect changes in the coat, skin sores, unusual growths or subcutaneous tumors. Early detection can help prevent costly treatment at a later date.

Most cats enjoy brushing unless there are matts of hair that are painful to comb out. In this situation, professional grooming may be required. Never attempt to cut matts out with scissors. This frequently results in accidental cutting of the skin, requiring suturing.

Grooming services for your pet at Houston Animal Hospital

The need for bathing may arise periodically, may be necessary for specific skin conditions, or may be helpful if someone in the household is allergic to cats. If you anticipate bathing your cat on a regular basis, we recommend starting young to acclimate your cat to the process and keep stress to a minimum.

A cat that is not grooming itself effectively may have an underlying medical cause. Conditions such as dental disease, stomatitis (painful inflammation of the oral cavity), obesity, and osteoarthritis can all result in diminished grooming. An examination with one of our veterinarians can determine the problem and management recommendations will be made for your cat.