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Memorial Cat Hospital Reviews

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Memorial Cat Hospital

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Testimonials and Thank you's 2017

My Dearest Memorial Cat Hospital Family:

Dr. Addleman, Dr Pittari, Dr. Folger, Shelbi, Ana, Melissa, and Jeff:

Thank you for providing the very best care…since 2004! Mocha and I visited once a year. We always appreciated the very warm and friendly and homey environment…always felt very welcome and very well taken care of!

Especially through these last few months, thank you for your genuine support and care. It means a lot to me. This was once in a lifetime (my first time) experience for me and I know we had the best care.

Dr. Addleman, thank you for your continuous amazing care and expertise over the last years. Mocha and I always knew that you were providing the best guidance to us as if Mocha was your cat! Thank you for giving me what I needed!

Dr. Pittari, on those unexpected bad days, thank you for making time to see us. And so patiently and caringly talking us through it. It meant a lot.

Dr. Folger, on the very last day, thank you for being Dr. Folger! Thank you! I did not feel alone, I felt supported and I know my Mocha left us as peacefully as possible.

Shelbi, Ana, Melissa and Jeff, very much appreciate each of you! Thank you for creating and maintaining a warm, comforting, and supportive environment.

Mocha and F. Mehdizadeh

Dear Dr. Folger,

Words cannot begin to tell you how thankful we are that you are our vet and took such good care of Lily (and us) today. During this past month that Lily was seen for her mouth growth – your entire staff was compassionate, kind, and treated us with the utmost care.

While today was a very difficult and sad day for us – you all were so thorough in explaining every step of the process.

Thank you for your caring practice. Thank you for all you do!

Blessings – B & B Morehouse

Memorial Cat Hospital,

Thank you so much for letting me observe the Ultrasounds and exams on Monday. I learned a lot about Ultrasounds and how they work and much more. I enjoyed observing what goes on in a vet office and hopefully I can come back next year too.

Thank you again! Sincerely, S. Whitney (Vet for a Day)


Thank you to all, for your kind, compassionate, and professional care of Willa. You are an amazing team and we will be forever grateful.


Thanks so much for the paw prints of our sweet boy! Pat and I appreciate the kindness and care you showed to us and Calvin.

Thank you again, P&J Casey

Dear Everyone at Memorial Cat Hospital

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me and my parentsl

Love Cleo (the cat)

Dear Dr. Pittari and Team

As you know last Friday, I laid little Dominic to rest. Since all of you love cats so much, I don’t have to tell you the heart-felt pain in letting go. I would like all of you to know how much I truly appreciated your gentleness with Dominic and loving hands during each visit of his care.

Dr. Pittari, I especially want to thank you for walking me through this painful time and working for Dominic’s best care all along the way. Thank goodness for all of you and what you do. Warmest Regards, V. Lyon

Dr. Folger,

We want to thank you for caring for all of our kitties, Rascal, Mischief and Princess while we lived in Houston.

Only because of your kindness and dedication to feline medicine, were we able to have the privilege of Rascal enriching our lives for 19 years…and for that we are grateful.

Thank you. R&F Ahola