Dental Care

Oral healthcare is very important to the overall health of your cat. Did you know that by three years of age, 70% of cats show signs of periodontal disease? Without proper oral health care, periodontal disease can lead to other serious problems, such as heart, lung and kidney disease.

The problem begins when plaque and tartar are allowed to build up on your cat’s teeth. Plaque harbors the bacteria which can infect gum tissue and the root system of the teeth. This often results in healthy teeth having to be extracted because the root structure has been compromised.

Some of the signs of periodontal disease are bad breath (no, bad breath is not normal), yellow or brown colored teeth, reluctance to play with chew toys or drink cold water, and red, swollen gums. If you see any of these symptoms in your cat, it’s time to address the issue, and take care of his/her oral health. Our dental services at Memorial Cat Hospital-Houston include dental radiology, teeth cleaning and polishing, as well as tooth extractions and minor oral surgery when necessary. We use modern and safe ultrasonic equipment; each tooth is thoroughly cleaned above and below the gum line. The teeth are polished to create a smooth, lustrous surface more resistant to plaque buildup.

View our Dental Handout.